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Auto Loan Calculator PRO 2.2.0 Changelog.

  • Improved support for newer phones.
  • Free upgrade for previous users
  • Removed SMTP configuration option. XLS and DOC files are now sent via email attachment using the default email client.

Auto Loan Calculator PRO 2.1.1 Changelog.

  • Improved support for newer phones.
  • Free upgrade for previous users
  • Ice Cream Sandwitch is now the minimum Android version able to run the app, dropped support for previous version of Android.
  • Improved email settings, you can now configure external SMTPs with a click by drawing information directly from the accounts configured on the device.
  • Improved permissions management to be compatible with the latest Android version.
  • APK Signature Scheme v2 for faster install times and more protection against unauthorized alterations to APK file.

Auto Loan Calculator 2.1.0 Changelog.

  • After many years of "service" Auto Loan Calculator PRO continue to meet the needs of professionals and buyers
  • Free upgrade for previous users
  • Security fixes
  • Added security fix to email functionalities.
  • Added security fix to server side communications.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to send results via email when the SMTP server uses self signed certificates.
  • Higher res icons for xxxhdpi devices.
  • Added Privacy Policy menu to fit new rules in stores.
  • Small fixes to Word and Excel export.

Auto Loan Calculator 2.0.3 Changelog.

  • Added support for devices that lacks GSM Modem
  • Auto Loan Calculator can now run on devices that lacks GSM Modem like tablets without SIM card.
  • Performance improvements and optimizations for newer phones.
  • UI improvements.

Auto Loan Calculator PRO 2.0 Changelog.

  • New features for all phones/smartphones (free update if you already have a license):
  • Auto Loan Calculator PRO now brings the DPsoftware UI Toolkit version 2.0
  • Added "Lease VS Buy" feature.
  • Added the possibility to send your results via Email/SMS or export it in Excel or Word format.
  • High res images and icons for high density displays.
  • Added direct input support from hardware keyboards.
  • The user interface is resized according to the resolution of the display and the pixel density. Our software runs well on small screen phones and on high resolution tablets.
  • The back button now exit the software when you are in the home screen.
  • The home screen button is now rendered without using images, this helps the extreme portability of our software.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Improved autoupdate feature.
  • The last compounding periods used is now stored in memory.
  • Improved the readability of the amortization table.
  • Alert windows has been redesigned.
  • Improved touchscreen sensitivity:
  • The new recommended option follow your thumb when scrolling, the low, medium and high option let you scroll much more faster than your finger move.
  • The Ok button shown when a textbox is selected is now tappable.

  • Specific new features for android devices only:
  • Only one tap is needed to edit textboxes on touch only devices.
  • Added manifest attribute to support xhdpi devices without stretching the UI.
  • Added small animation to the menu.
  • Increased the rendering framerate to 60FPS.

Auto Loan Calculator PRO 1.0 Changelog.

  • Say hello to 1.0 version:
  • Auto Laon Calculator PRO will help you calculate your monthly auto loan payments or the total purchase price of your car.

    Enter your current information and click on the “Calculate” button to get the results, you can also view your entire amortization schedule.

    The car loan calculator also provides a graph that will help you assess how different car loan terms or different cash down payments can affect your monthly payments.

    Other features:
     Fuel Cost Calculator plus Fuel Cost Comparison
     Loan Comparison with bar chart
     Affordibility calculator
     Different compound period
     Stunning user interface


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